A collection of articles on Happiness

Beautiful baby covered in bright paint with paint brush. Representing the many colorful emotions.

Emotional Life

We live in a constant flurry of emotions. Each moment is bathed in feeling. Unless we have a biological disorder, such as alexithymia, or a learned defensive protection, such as emotional detachment, emotions are a center piece on our table of life. Most goals, according to the pleasure principle, have an emotional foundation. We set …

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Hedonic Treadmill article header image

Hedonic Treadmill

Disappointed with life, we set sights on major changes that will solve our perpetual sorrows…

Overcoming Negative Self Talk. header image

Overcoming Negative Self Talk

We blast ourselves with judgment. Constantly bombarding our ego with critical remarks and hurtful labels. Negative self talk has a cost. And no, contrary to authoritarian critical parents’ opinions, strict standards laced with character blasting judgments does not motivate self-improvement. It invites depression. If we want to grow, then we must dispose of our negative …

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Happy With Where You Are

Happy With Where We Are

In our pursuit of wellness, we often encounter conflicting counsel. One set of instructions push, while equally important directives pull. We are left reeling from the confusion. Our desires for simpleness wash away in the competing complex systems. Present moment happiness and delayed gratification often create this type of conflict. Ultimately joy for life requires us …

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Emotionally Stable

Emotionally Stable

Wildly fiery or stoically aloof, we all have a unique emotional style. Whether we are extremely expressive or somewhat reserved, our emotional style may be stable and productive. Emotionally stable people utilize emotional arousal to energize healthy behaviors instead of misguided defensive protections. Emotional stability, while strongly associated with biological givens, can be learned through …

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