Trauma and Healing

A collection of articles on trauma and healing.

Life Altering Events. Shattered Assumptions article header image


Life altering events are the events that require cognitive reevaluation of basic assumptions about the world.

Cool brain and hot brain colliding. Allostasis Image header.


Allostasis is prediction and preparation for demands on our system. This article examines allostasis’s role in maintaining balance.

Cognitive Reappraisal

Cognitive Reappraisal

We can change our emotional reaction with a cognitive reappraisal, looking at the emotion or situation and subjectively altering it.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy is a cognitive behavioral therapy based style focused on managing opposing forces in our lives.

Wounds That Refuse to Heal

Wounds That Refuse to Heal

Emotional wounds that refuse to heal scar our existence. They hurt but we can learn from the pain and experience joy again.