Meaning and Purpose

A collection of articles on meaning and purpose.

Boredom and Mental health

Boredom Impacts Mental Health

The Experience of Boredom We all experience boredom from time to time. Perhaps, we often choose to be bored. However, most of the time, boredom is forced upon us as we attend to some task that is required. We visit in-laws, attend conferences, or bad weather forces us to stay indoors. The evidence is clear–boredom …

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Autobiographical Memories

Autobiographical Memories

We store and recall vast information pertaining to the self. These memories are referred to in psychology as autobiographical memories. This streaming  autobiographical script is a constructive and reconstructive long-term memory that is unique to the individual. Our autobiographical memories are central to drawing pertinent information from new experiences. We experience the world filtered through an …

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Logotherapy. Article image header


Logotherapy is a term combining the Greek word “logos,” translated as “meaning”  together with therapy, which is defined as treatment of a condition, illness, or maladjustment. ​Logotherapy treats psychological conditions by assisting clients pursue a meaningful life. Logotherapy was developed by Viktor Frankl. He theorized that our human nature motivates a search for a life purpose. Frankl’s …

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Human Flourishing

We can do more than survive. A little food, water and protection from the harsh elements is all that is needed for survival.

Psychology of Awe

Psychology of Awe

We want the perfect selfie, with just the right smile, angle, and lighting. We attempt to dazzle with beauty, charm and creativity. When our picture fails to elicit clicks, we give it an adrenaline boost by hanging off a tall building, standing at the edge of a cliff, or taunting a deadly animal. Many self-promoting …

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