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Boredom and Mental health

Boredom Impacts Mental Health

The Experience of Boredom We all experience boredom from time to time. Perhaps, we often choose to be bored. However, most of the time, boredom is forced upon us as we attend to some task that is required. We visit in-laws, attend conferences, or bad weather forces us to stay indoors. The evidence is clear–boredom …

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Overcoming Negative Self Talk. header image

Overcoming Negative Self Talk

We blast ourselves with judgment. Constantly bombarding our ego with critical remarks and hurtful labels. Negative self talk has a cost. And no, contrary to authoritarian critical parents’ opinions, strict standards laced with character blasting judgments does not motivate self-improvement. It invites depression. If we want to grow, then we must dispose of our negative …

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Happy With Where You Are

Happy With Where We Are

In our pursuit of wellness, we often encounter conflicting counsel. One set of instructions push, while equally important directives pull. We are left reeling from the confusion. Our desires for simpleness wash away in the competing complex systems. Present moment happiness and delayed gratification often create this type of conflict. Ultimately joy for life requires us …

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Successful Living

Successful Living

We want to succeed, dreaming, , hoping and waiting. We tell ourselves that tomorrow things will start to get better; the next paycheck, after the promotion, when the kids go to school. Certainly, all these events may be a jumping point, propelling us to the life we desire. Yet, tomorrow comes and goes, and we …

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