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Integrating Emotions. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Integrating Emotions

We wisely pull wisdom from emotions when we appropriately integrate them into our life experiences.
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Choosing Happiness. Psychology Fanatic

Choosing Happiness

We choose happiness by the way we live not by constricting reality to only recognize…
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Adaptation psychology article header image

Adaptation Psychology

At the heart of psychology, development, and our general wellbeing, is our ability to adapt….
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Opening Up Emotionally. psychology Fanatic article header image

Opening Up Emotionally

Being in touch with emotional experiences is essential to personal growth and healthy relationships. If…
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Emotional Validation

Emotional Validation

Emotional Validation is when we receive, understand, and accept another person’s emotional experience. We validate…
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Brooding. Psychology Fanatic article header image


We often encounter unpleasant and angering events. The emotion is normal; but, then we brood…
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Frightened by Emotion. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Frightened By Emotion

​Intimate connections hinge on our capacity to process discomforting emotions. Intimacy is difficult if we…
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Beautiful baby covered in bright paint with paint brush. Representing the many colorful emotions.

Emotional Life

Our emotional life is the entirety of our emotions, and our relationship to them. Our…
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emotional attachment

Emotional Detachment

Definition, symptoms, and causes of emotional detachment. In some cases, the pain is too much…
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Somatic Intelligence article image header

Somatic Intelligence

Within our bodies, we store vast amounts of somatic intelligence. We benefit by bringing awareness…
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Emotionally Confused. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Emotionally Confused

Emotions lie beneath the surface, unnoticed they covertly hijack our motivation. Emotionally confused we can’t…
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Emotional Black Hole article header image

Emotional Black Hole

We feel, we interpret, and then get sucked into an emotional black hole of stupidity, refusing logic,…
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Frustration Tolerance article header image.

Frustration Tolerance

Frustration tolerance refers to our ability to tolerate frustrations. Low frustration tolerance is associated with…
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Ego Depletion. Psychology Fanatic Article header image

Ego Depletion

The strength model of self-control theorizes that willpower is a limited resource. Self control leads…
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Mindful Breathing. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Mindful Breathing

The breathe brings life to the body, feeding the heart and brain. Mindful breathing brings…
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Overactive Mind. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Overactive Mind

Overactive minds plan, prepare and calculate. Overactive minds also struggle to shut down, interfering with…
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Homunculus. Article image header

Observing Ego

A feature of higher cognitive function is the ability to observe ourselves. In psychology, We…
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Regulatory Focus Theory. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Regulatory Focus Theory

Regulatory focus theory refers to our individual approach to self regulation. Some protect against threat…
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Emotional Deficits. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Emotional Deficit

Emotional deficit refers to a person experiencing a deficiency in capacity to both experience and…
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Fear of Change. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Fear of Change

We fear change because we must leave our comfortable normal for something new. Fear of…
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Meaning Making Machines. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Present Moment

The present moment rejuvenates when we mindfully experience it, without undue worries over tomorrow or…
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Emotional Reaction. Adobe Stock Images article header image.

Emotional Reactions

Emotional reactions motivate behavior. Understanding the role of impulses and feelings opens pathways to improve…
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