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Triune Brain. Psychology Fantic Features Image

Triune Brain

The triune brain theory, proposed by neuroscientist Paul D. MacLean in the 1960s, posits the…
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Emotional Differentiation

Emotion Differentiation

With emotional differentiation, we have more complex descriptions of emotions, improving emotional regulatory processes.
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Choosing Happiness. Psychology Fanatic

Choosing Happiness

We choose happiness by the way we live not by constricting reality to only recognize…
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Frustration Tolerance

Frustration tolerance refers to our ability to tolerate frustrations. Low frustration tolerance is associated with…
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Emotional Detachment

Definition, symptoms, and causes of emotional detachment. In some cases, the pain is too much…
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Happy All The Time. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Happy All The Time

Uninterrupted happiness isn’t the goal. Experiencing a single emotion creates an impoverished existence. We can’t…
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Emotion Focused Therapy. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Emotion Focused Therapy

Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) is a therapeutic approach that theorizes emotions are key to overall wellness…
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Anger In. Anger Out. Psychology Fanatic feature image

Anger In; Anger Out

The article explores the psychology of anger, detailing how it can manifest internally or externally,…
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Hot Cognition. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Hot Cognition

Hot cognitions refer to thoughts and mental representations that are infused with emotional significance.
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Shared Emotion article header image

Sharing Emotions

Shared emotion is a coordinated affective reaction to the same environmental trigger. This is a…
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Defense Mechanisms

We use defense mechanisms to mitigate powerful emotions. Some defensive strategies support wellness while others…
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Emotion Overload

Emotional Overload

When emotionally overwhelmed, impulses misdirect, destroy futures, and limit opportunity. We must prepare for emotional…
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Emotional Lability. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Emotion Lability

Research on the definition, symptoms, and causes of emotion lability. Emotion lability is often a…
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Emotional Dysregulation

Research to define, identify causes, and to discuss the psychological concept of emotional dysregulation in…
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Brooding. Psychology Fanatic article header image


We often encounter unpleasant and angering events. The emotion is normal; but, then we brood…
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A young woman leaning against a wall, lost in ruminations.


We ruminate. Reliving and reconstructing the past. Our mind can get stuck in rumination that…
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Emotional Integrity. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Emotional Integrity

We experience life through emotion. Life without feeling is not living; it is merely existing….

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Emotional Regulation. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Emotional Regulation

Emotions energize and push for action. Emotional regulation utilizes emotions, directing them to fulfill life…
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Portrait of young bearded screaming guy with disheveled hair.

Repressed Anger

We respond to anger. The powerful emotion overwhelms and some repress. Repressed anger may leave…
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Fear of Change. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Fear of Change

We fear change because we must leave our comfortable normal for something new. Fear of…
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Memories and Emotions. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Memories and Emotions

Our wellness and relationships are strongly dependent upon the interconnecting roles of memories and emotions.
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Affective-Neuroscience. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Affective Neuroscience

Affective neuroscience addresses the affective aspects of the physical brain, and the corresponding cognitive processes…
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Hedonic Treadmill article header image

Hedonic Treadmill

Disappointed with life, we set sights on major changes that will solve our perpetual sorrows…
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Interpreting Emotion. Psychology Fanatic article image header

Interpreting Emotion

We experience emotions. Living is a feeling experience; we are constantly attracted and repelled, feelings…
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Mental Health Breaks. Psychology Fanatic article image header

Mental Health Breaks

Life is taxing. We face daily challenges to maintain relationships and succeed. We need mental…
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