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Emotional Reasoning. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Emotional Reasoning

Blind reliance on reasoning may mislead. However, emotional reasoning blinds pertinent information from consideration.
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Fear of Change. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Fear of Change

We fear change because we must leave our comfortable normal for something new. Fear of…
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Emotional Hijacking articleheader image

Emotional Hijacking

Emotional hijacking is a psychological term referring to when emotions hijack all others cognitive processes…
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Habitual Worrier. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Habitual Worrier

Managing worry is a challenge. Childhoods and biological makeup leads to worry. Habitual worriers may…
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Emotional Discomfort

Life brings notable events that cause discomfort. Learning how to regulate the emotional discomfort is…
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Integrating Emotions. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Integrating Emotions

We wisely pull wisdom from emotions when we appropriately integrate them into our life experiences.
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Observing Ego

A feature of higher cognitive function is the ability to observe ourselves. In psychology, We…
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Mental Fatigue. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Mental Fatigue

Our minds get tired. Prolonged heightened emotion exhausts our brains and we become mentally fatigued,…
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Emotional Regulation. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Emotional Regulation

Emotions energize and push for action. Emotional regulation utilizes emotions, directing them to fulfill life…
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Feeling Life. Psychology Fanatic article image header

Feeling Life

Living is an emotional experience. We feel. The experience of living isn’t what happens to…
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Emotional Reaction. Adobe Stock Images article header image.

Emotional Reactions

Emotional reactions motivate behavior. Understanding the role of impulses and feelings opens pathways to improve…
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Homeostasis is the window of physiological balance where we find the most comfort, subsequently leading…
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Logic and Emotion article header image

Logic and Emotion

Logic and emotion, sometimes united, often in conflict give, provide guidance and motivation in imperfectly…
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Alexithymia. Article header image


An exploration of Alexithymia: a disconnection from internal feeling experiences. Often developed to dissociate from…
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Emotional Equilibrium

Emotional Equilibrium

Emotional equilibrium is akin to homeostasis. We experience wellness when our emotions stay within a…
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Upset woman suffer from mental disorder, depression or anxiety, experiencing emotional flooding.

Emotional Flooding

Emotional flooding is a psychological concept describing a state of overwhelming emotions that interfere with…
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Emodiversity psychology Fanatic article header image


We don’t need to feel guilty over experiencing ‘bad’ emotions. The positive emotion crowd has…
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Emotions and Empathy. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Emotions and Empathy

Emotions and empathy work together. Shared feelings bring new aliveness. However, for some, empathy and…
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Happy All The Time. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Happy All The Time

Uninterrupted happiness isn’t the goal. Experiencing a single emotion creates an impoverished existence. We can’t…
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Portrait of young bearded screaming guy with disheveled hair.

Repressed Anger

We respond to anger. The powerful emotion overwhelms and some repress. Repressed anger may leave…
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Appraisal Theory of Emotion

Appraisal Theory of Emotions

The appraisal theory of emotion theorizes emotions follow an appraisal of environmental information, and cognitively…
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Self Care Failure. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Peace and Happiness

Thoughts can drain happiness in the present with worry and regret. Mindfulness can soothe agitated…
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Regulatory Focus Theory. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Regulatory Focus Theory

Regulatory focus theory refers to our individual approach to self regulation. Some protect against threat…
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Negativity. Psychology Fanatic article header image


Feeling reactions both positive and negative give wisdom and guidance. Negativity is only bad when…
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