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Emotional Patterns article header image

Emotional Patterns

Recognizing emotional patterns provides an opportunity to intervene extinguishing the unproductive with purposeful action.
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Sustainable Happiness. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Sustainable Happiness

Sustainable happiness is more than present pleasure. The best experiences also enhance happiness in the…
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Confabulation. Psychology Fanatic article header image


We Lie! We lie to ourselves. We’re not consciously evil or deceiving; but we lie….
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Adaptation Psychology

At the heart of psychology, development, and our general wellbeing, is our ability to adapt….
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Emotionally Connected. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Emotionally Connected

A emotionally connected partnership requires putting some personal desires on hold to embrace a partner…
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Masculine Protest. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Masculine Protest

Masculine protest is a tendency to compensate for feelings of inferiority by exaggerating traditional masculine…
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Self-Enlightenment. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Self Enlightenment

Discovering ourselves is a lifetime process, requiring digging deeper by challenging beliefs. Self enlightenment fuels…
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Externalization. Psychology Fanatic article image header


Who me? We externalize cause to protect our self image, harming futures in the process.
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Inner Peace. Psychology Fanatic article header image.

Inner Peace

A staple of wellbeing is finding inner peace. A biological system constantly in stress weakens…
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Paranoid Ideation. Psychology Fanatic. Feature Image

Paranoid Ideation

Identifying, understanding, and treating paranoid ideation. Paranoid ideation is a symptom of several mental disorders.
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Integrating Emotions. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Integrating Emotions

We wisely pull wisdom from emotions when we appropriately integrate them into our life experiences.
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Awareness Through Movement. Psychology Fanatic Feature Image

Awareness Through Movement

Awareness Through Movement (ATM), developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, promotes self-awareness, movement efficiency, and overall…
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Emotional Deficits. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Emotional Deficit

Emotional deficit refers to a person experiencing a deficiency in capacity to both experience and…
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Child Abuse and Addiction. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Child Abuse and Addiction

A notable correlation exists between childhood abuse and addiction. Abuse leads to higher susceptibility to…
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Axis-II Disorders. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Axis II Disorders

Early versions of DSM placed personality disorders on a separate AXIS (AXIS-II Disorders).
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Repression. A Defense Mechanism article header image


Repression is a defense mechanism employed to exclude distressing memories, thoughts, or feelings from the conscious…
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Bigoted Fool. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Bigoted Fool

When we blame, shun, or attack others because of differences, everyone loses. We live in…
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Relapse During Recovery. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Relapse During recovery

Relapse during recovery happens. Successful demands a compassionate response to relapses to prevent hopelessness.
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Equanimity, Psychology Fanatic article header image


The Power of Equanimity: Finding Balance in Life Equanimity, a state of calmness and composure,…

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Trauma Resiliency Model. Psychology Fanatic

Trauma Resiliency Model

The Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM), created by Elaine Miller-Karas, is a therapeutic approach aimed at…
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