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Sensorimotor Development. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Sensorimotor Development

Sensorimotor development theoretically occurs during our first two years of life, where we learn to…
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Somatic Awareness. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Somatic Awareness

Somatic awareness is the conscious recognition and perception of our own physical sensations, movements, and…
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Happy With Where You Are

Happy With Where We Are

Happy with where we are doesn’t imply stagnation. But, Enjoying the present without sacrificing the…
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Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance, a term introduced by psychologist Leon Festinger, refers to the mental discomfort experienced…
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Basic Needs

Basic Needs

Basic needs are the primary needs for survival; food and water, shelter and clothing. Only…
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Externalization. Psychology Fanatic article image header


Who me? We externalize cause to protect our self image, harming futures in the process.
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Social Stress Theory. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Social Stress Theory

The Social Stress Theory in psychology suggests a correlation between social environment and psychological well-being….
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Self Care Failure. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Peace and Happiness

Thoughts can drain happiness in the present with worry and regret. Mindfulness can soothe agitated…
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Learned helplessness article header image

Learned Helplessness

Overwhelmed and afraid, we give up, resigning to whatever life brings. We become helpless to…
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Terror Management Theory. Psychology Fanatic feature Image

Terror Management Theory

Terror Management Theory: Understanding the Fear of Mortality Terror Management Theory (TMT) is a psychological…

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Gestalt Prayer article heading image

Gestalt Prayer

The Gestalt Prayer was written by Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt Therapy, in the late…
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Stoically Aloof

The author reflects on how societal attitudes towards ‘stoic aloofness’ have shifted towards viewing such…
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Ego Investment. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Ego Investment

Ego investments are objects, ideas, people, or anything outside of ourselves that their success or…
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Emodiversity psychology Fanatic article header image


We don’t need to feel guilty over experiencing ‘bad’ emotions. The positive emotion crowd has…
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Neuronal Synchrony. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Neural Synchrony

Neural Synchrony: Understanding the Complex Dance of Brain Communication Neural synchrony is a fascinating phenomenon…

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Self Determination Theory article header image

Self Determination Theory

According to Deci and Ryan’s Self Determination Theory, we are more motivated when intrinsically driven…
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Sadist. Sadism. Article image header


Sadist are a personality type that enjoys inflicting pain on others. Sadist embody evil, filling…
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Self-Monitoring Theory. Psychology Fanatic feature image

Self Monitoring Theory

Mark Snyder’s self-monitoring theory in psychology explains how individuals regulate their behavior based on social…
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Ego Ideal Primary Image

Ego Ideal

Freud’s concept of our internalized ideal self that conflicts with instinctual impulses. The ego ideal…
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Internal Working Models. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Reconstructing Memories

Memories aren’t perfect representations of the past. We reconstruct memories to fit our beliefs in…
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A young child's image with symbols flowing from the head, representing their explanatory style.

Explanatory Style

Explanatory style refers to our individual style of explaining experience. Our view of reality is…
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Relationship Anxiety Article image header

Relationship Anxiety

Romantic rejection hurts—badly. The sharp pain lingers, preventing sleep, interrupting sustained thought…
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Masochistic Personality. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Masochistic Personality

The masochistic personality exhibits of a variety of maladaptive behaviors, mostly exhibiting a desire for…
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Context Dependent. Psychology Fanatic article header image.

Context Dependent

The surrounding context influences our conceptual understanding. Memories, beliefs and moods all are context dependent.
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