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Loving Kindness. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Loving Kindness

The world needs more loving kindness. We get lost in problem solving; but neglect the…
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Definitions. Psychology Fanatic.

Intimacy Definition

Intimacy is the active ingredient of close, secure relationships. Healthy intimacy requires openness and vulnerability.
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Feeling Felt

Feeling Felt

True communication requires more than rattling off words. Deep communication is a connecting of souls…
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Zero Sum Games. Psychology Fanatic Feature Image

Zero Sum Games

Zero sum games force a winner and a loser. Healthier paths seek ways to make…
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Value Judgements. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Value Judgements

We have no appropriate measurements for human value. We make value judgements on others and…
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Trauma Bonding. Psychology Fanatic feature image

Trauma Bonding

Trauma bonding is a psychological phenomenon where victims of constant abuse or trauma form intense…
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Upset woman suffer from mental disorder, depression or anxiety, experiencing emotional flooding.

Emotional Flooding

Emotional flooding is a psychological concept describing a state of overwhelming emotions that interfere with…
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Betrayal of Trust. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Betrayal of Trust

Betrayal of Trust. Psychology Fanatic (Adobe Stock Images) The intricate weaving of emotions, connection and…

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Complex Trauma. Psychology Fanatic. Article header image

Complex Trauma

Trauma impacts everyone. The knowledge that trauma impacts wellness has existed long before psychology was…
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Fear of Being Alone. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Fear of Being Alone

We need acceptance and love from significant connections. Sometimes a fear of being alone interferes…
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Being Wronged. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Being Wronged

The past doesn’t disappear. When betrayed, the hurt from being wronged lingers and interferes with…
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Empathy in Relationships. Psychology Fanatic

Empathy In Relationships

Our response to a partner’s upsets builds or destroys closeness. Expressing empathy in relationships builds…
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Lonely in Marriage. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Lonely in Marriage

We need to belong. Marriage without closeness fails to create a sense of belonging. We…
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Zero-Defects Mentality. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Zero-Defects Mentality

Zero-Defects Mentality exists in command-and control environments that do not tolerate mistakes. Zero-defects mentality destroys…
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Emotionally Connected. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Emotionally Connected

A emotionally connected partnership requires putting some personal desires on hold to embrace a partner…
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Interpersonal Style. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Interpersonal Style

Interpersonal style refers to the way individuals interact and communicate with others, including voice, words,…
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Need to Please. Psychology Fanatic article header image

The Need to Please

The choice between self and others is a basic human dilemma. The need to please…
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Healing Compassion. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Healing Compassion

We treat trauma with healing compassion. Harshness furthers the injury, preventing recovery, and deepening the…
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Gestalt Prayer article heading image

Gestalt Prayer

The Gestalt Prayer was written by Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt Therapy, in the late…
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Johari Window

Johari Window

The Johari Window is a simple quadrant model designed for training in self-awareness, personal development,…
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Interpreting Emotion. Psychology Fanatic article image header

Interpreting Emotion

We experience emotions. Living is a feeling experience; we are constantly attracted and repelled, feelings…
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