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Mean People. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Mean People

We are slammed with an epidemic of meanness. Mean people destroy. We need to intervene…
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Empathy in Relationships. Psychology Fanatic

Empathy In Relationships

Our response to a partner’s upsets builds or destroys closeness. Expressing empathy in relationships builds…
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Emotional Black Hole article header image

Emotional Black Hole

We feel, we interpret, and then get sucked into an emotional black hole of stupidity, refusing logic,…
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Working Out Differences. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Working Out Differences

Working out differences is the ultimate challenge and the key to successfully developing relationship intimacy….
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Feeling Felt

Accepting Differences

A person’s uniqueness gives a significant other the opportunity to express appreciation and build trust…
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Johari Window

Johari Window

The Johari Window is a simple quadrant model designed for training in self-awareness, personal development,…
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Algolagnia. Pleasure and Pain. Psychology Fanatic article header image


Algolagnia refers to sexual interest that involves both pleasure and pain, commonly referred to as…
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Attachment Trauma article header image

Attachment Trauma

Attachment trauma heightens emotions in relationships. We can graciously accept our history and improve intimacy…
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Love and Fear. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Love and Fear

Many have learned from past pain to fear love. Love and fear don’t mix. We…
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Making Trade-Offs. Psychology Fanatic article header image.

Making Trade Offs

We want to be liked. We want to take care of ourselves. Our desires conflict,…
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Healing Compassion. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Healing Compassion

We treat trauma with healing compassion. Harshness furthers the injury, preventing recovery, and deepening the…
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Toxic Home Environment article image header

Toxic Home Environments

When we have a toxic home environments, they constantly provoke stress, poisoning our souls and…
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Loneliness Epidemic

Loneliness Epidemic

The current loneliness epidemic. Too many of us are retreating to our private worlds, protected…
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Name Calling. Psychology Fanatic article heading image

Name Calling

Any two people will encounter disagreements. Nasty name calling used in these disagreements destroys closeness…
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Definitions. Psychology Fanatic.

Intimacy Definition

Intimacy is the active ingredient of close, secure relationships. Healthy intimacy requires openness and vulnerability.
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