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Building Self-Worth. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Building Self-Worth

Persistent self shaming thoughts disrupt our lives. We can soften their impact and silence the…
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Possible Selves header

Possible Selves

Our possible self is the future vision we have of ourselves. A positive vision motivates…
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Tipping point. Psychology Fanatic. article header image

Tipping Point

Better choices don’t immediately change our lives. With continued effort, we eventually reach a tipping…
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Human Flourishing

We can do more than survive. A little food, water and protection from the harsh…
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Feeling Life. Psychology Fanatic article image header

Feeling Life

Living is an emotional experience. We feel. The experience of living isn’t what happens to…
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Self Hate. Psychology Fanatic article header image.

Self Hate

Self hate intrudes on life, heightening fears, and destroying confidence. We can overcome this mind…
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Overcoming Addictions. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Overcome Addictions

We have habits that destroy, intruding on our lives, and damaging futures. We can change….
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Motivated to Change. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Motivation to Change

We must understand the factors that motivate people to change to persistently pursue and satisfy…
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Life: Good and Bad. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Life: Good and Bad

Our lives have pleasant and unpleasant experiences. Life is good and bad; nevertheless we still…
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Happy With Where You Are

Happy With Where We Are

Happy with where we are doesn’t imply stagnation. But, Enjoying the present without sacrificing the…
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Emotionally Fit

Emotionally Fit

Emotionally fit is having a healthy relationship with our emotions, utilizing their energy to succeed…
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Self Assessment Skills. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Self Assessment Skills

Accurate self assessments are the path of self improvement. With proper self assessment skills, we…
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Life is a Puzzle. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Life is a Puzzle

Life is a puzzle, not easily described in words. True wisdom is discovered from accepting…
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Greed and Desire article header image

Greed and Desire

Satisfaction comes and goes like the waves of the ocean. We must tame greed and…
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Ineptness. Psychology Fanatic article header image


We manage shame over our ineptness through kindly accepting our imperfections, and working towards self-improvement.
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Kindsight. Psychology Fanatic article header image


Life is difficult enough without a harsh critic judging every behavior. Try seeing yourself and…
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Living with Imperfection. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Living with Imperfection

Running headlong into our imperfections is frightening. Living with imperfection requires accepting vulnerability.
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Simply Being. Psychology Fanatic article header images

Simply Being

In the driven charge to become something great, we lose the joy and beauty of…
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