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Active Aging

Active aging encourages a positive, proactive approach to growing older, involving physical fitness, mental stimulation, social engagement, healthy nutrition, and finding life purpose. This approach boosts overall quality of life and well-being, challenging the stereotype of inactivity and stagnation in older years. Active aging doesn’t only add years to life, but also adds quality to those years.

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Seemingly Insignificant Choices

In the vast realm of life’s countless possibilities, there lies an intriguing intersection where seemingly insignificant choices can shape our destinies in ways we may never comprehend. These choices, often disguised as fleeting decisions, possess the power to alter the course of our lives in profound ways. We can’t dismiss the smallness of a choice. …

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Lying Flatism

Lying Flatism is a term that comes from the Chinese word ‘tǎng píng,’ which literally translates to lying flat. Lying flatism refers to a growing trend to reject the pressures and expectations of a fast-paced, competitive society, and instead embrace a more relaxed and passive approach to life. Basically, lying flatism is giving up on …

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