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Emotional Safety. Psychology Fanatic article header image
Emotional Safety
We explore and grow when we are not emotionally threatened. Safety and security are necessary to flourish.
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Learned helplessness article header image
Learned Helplessness
Overwhelmed and afraid, we give up, resigning to whatever life brings. We become helpless to circumstances.
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Openness: A Personality Trait article header image
Openness: A Personality Trait
Openness scores refer to a person's openness to new experiences and ability to accommodate differences...
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Role Theory image
Role Theory
Adobe Stock Images We play many roles, acting differently in one role from how we act in another. For...
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Alexithymia. Article header image
Adobe Stock Images Alexithymia is a disturbance with normal experiencing of emotions. Alexithymia often...
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A life limiting adaptation represented by a man walking on Crutches with a broken leg.
Life Limiting Adaptations
Life Limiting Adaptations Life comes full force, knocking us back, challenging us to respond. We usually...
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