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State-Trait Anger Theory. Psychology Fanatic article header image
State-Trait Anger Theory
State-Trait Anger Theory examines individual variations of expressions of anger, including intensity,...
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Emotional Contagion. Psychology Fanatic article header image
Emotional Contagion
Emotional contagion is an individuals tendency to automatically mimic and synchronize expressions, vocalizations,...
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Ideal Self. Psychology Fanatic article header image
Ideal Self
Ideal self is an image of the self that we desire to be. Ideal self images motivates goal directed behaviors...
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Information Gap Theory. Psychology Fanatic article header image
Information Gap Theory
Information gap theory is a conceptual model of how people react to uncertainty either through curiosity...
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Moral Justification. Psychology Fanatic article header image
Moral Justification
Moral justification is the cognitive construal of behavior to reconstruct cognitive interpretations of...
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Affection Exchange Theory. Psychology Fanatic article header image.
Affection Exchange Theory
Affection exchange theory is a framework for understanding how affectionate communication functions in...
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Welcome to my decades long project. After obtaining my degree in psychology, it sat dormant. Certainly, it provided working benefits. The power of understanding psychology, even at the most basic level, blesses (and sometimes curses) all human interaction. My profession didn’t allow full use of my newly obtained degree. Instead of shifting careers, I started researching, and publishing as a hobby—or some might suggest as an obsession. I became a psychology fanatic.

In our new age of artificial Intelligence, I stand firm in my human endeavor to understand. The articles are written by me (a human), from knowledge I gained from reading articles, webpages and books. Written by a human, for humans.

In February 2023, I switched to a new platform for publishing my work. Over the next few months, I will migrate hundreds of articles, representing tens of thousands of hours of work that started in 2010 will be moving to Psychology Fanatic.