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Joy of Being. Psychology Fanatic article header image
Joy of Being
Adobe Stock Images We drift through our days with blindness, repeating the same tired routines. Existence demands action just to survive. We put food on the table and shelter over...
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Creating Intimacy article header image
Creating Intimacy
Adobe Stock Images We grow, moving through development stages, eventually breaking free of the tethers tying us to our parents. We seek our own adult connections. As mature adults,...
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Love is a Verb
Love is a Verb
Adobe Stock Images Loving is easy when we feel loving. We feel warmth and closeness and act accordingly. Most healthy and a large portion of the unhealthy act this way. When we feel...
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Engulfment in Relationships article header image
Engulfment In Relationships
Adobe Stock Images “Let me be,” I cry as he encroaches. “Stay with me,” I beg as my she closes the door. So many suffer from relationships anxiety. Some from intense fear of abandonment;...
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Self Deprecation. Psychology Fanatic article header image
Self Deprecating
We condemn ourselves; we condemn others. And we demand the ideal while living in a world of flaws.
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Selective Information Processing. Psychology Fanatic article header image
Selective Information Processing
Adobe Stock Images We have a lot going on in our minds. Information constantly flows from the environment to our brains. We pick up cues of danger and opportunity through multiple...
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Welcome to my decades long project. After obtaining my degree in psychology, it sat dormant. Certainly, it provided working benefits. The power of understanding psychology, even at the most basic level, blesses (and sometimes curses) all human interaction. My profession didn’t allow full use of my newly obtained degree. Instead of shifting careers, I started researching, and publishing as a hobby—or some might suggest as an obsession. I became a psychology fanatic.

In our new age of artificial Intelligence, I stand firm in my human endeavor to understand. The articles are written by me (a human), from knowledge I gained from reading articles, webpages and books. Written by a human, for humans.

In February 2023, I switched to a new platform for publishing my work. Over the next few months, I will migrate hundreds of articles, representing tens of thousands of hours of work that started in 2010 will be moving to Psychology Fanatic.