Selective Information Processing

We have a lot going on in our minds. Information constantly flows from the environment to our brains. We pick up cues of danger and opportunity through multiple senses. However, not every threat or opportunity is obvious. We must sort through the millions of fragments of information, sew them together to create an identifiable meaning. …

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Externalization. Psychology Fanatic article image header


Who me? We externalize cause to protect our self image, harming futures in the process.

Future Oriented Thinking. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Future Oriented Thinking

He surprisingly discovered the five-year old’s that waited—on average—performed better in college, relationships and careers.

Emotional Outbursts. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Emotional Outbursts

Emotions swirl as we crash into others and experience. The collision creates an emotional storm, an outburst of reactionary behavior….