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Joy of Being

We drift through our days with blindness, repeating the same tired routines. Existence demands action just to survive. We put food on the table and shelter over our heads. In these necessary pursuits, joys get lost, subordinate to necessity, we sacrifice what we desire for what we need. Yet, joy gives life beauty, making everything a …

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Self Deprecating

We condemn ourselves; we condemn others. And we demand the ideal while living in a world of flaws.

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Future Oriented Thinking

He surprisingly discovered the five-year old’s that waited—on average—performed better in college, relationships and careers.

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Emotional Outbursts

Emotions swirl as we crash into others and experience. The collision creates an emotional storm, an outburst of reactionary behavior….

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SWOT Self-Analysis

Complex and massive flows of information overwhelm our finite ability to process. Examining our current state, seeking ways to improve our lives, can lead to more bewilderment than a defined successful course of action.  We get stuck with the same dead-end commitments, trying to succeed at the same goals that has repeatedly defeated us. Perhaps, …

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