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Lonely in Marriage. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Lonely in Marriage

We need to belong. Marriage without closeness fails to create a sense of belonging. We…
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Honoring Commitments. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Honoring Commitments

Making and honoring commitments creates the trust necessary for maintaining happy and safe intimate relationships….
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Emotionally Connected. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Emotionally Connected

A emotionally connected partnership requires putting some personal desires on hold to embrace a partner…
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Personal Preferences. Our Right to Dislike. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Personal Preferences

Along with autonomy comes differences. We can travel different paths without fear or disrespect for…
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Human Kindness. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Human Kindness

We need soul felt genuine human kindness, not just for those sharing similar ideals. We…
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Relationship Drama article header image

Relationship Drama

Charged with thunderous energy, some relationships bounce between euphoric highs and “call-the-cops” lows.
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Imperfect Bonds. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Imperfect Bonds

Faulty expectations destroy healthy connections. When grounded in reality, we can enjoy the imperfect bonds…
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Frightened by Emotion. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Frightened By Emotion

​Intimate connections hinge on our capacity to process discomforting emotions. Intimacy is difficult if we…
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Definitions. Psychology Fanatic.

Intimacy Definition

Intimacy is the active ingredient of close, secure relationships. Healthy intimacy requires openness and vulnerability.
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Securely Attached Article header Image

Securely Attached

Securely attached is a concept arising from attachment theory. Securely attached is associated with confidence…
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Complex Trauma. Psychology Fanatic. Article header image

Complex Trauma

Trauma impacts everyone. The knowledge that trauma impacts wellness has existed long before psychology was…
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Affection Exchange Theory. Psychology Fanatic article header image.

Affection Exchange Theory

Affection exchange theory is a framework for understanding how affectionate communication functions in interpersonal relationships.
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Am I selfish? We wear different masks.

Am I Selfish?

Our subjective judgments may soften selfish motivations, sweetening the sour, and ignoring the bitter. We…
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Bigoted Fool. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Selfish or Selfless

Are you selfish or selfless? A society of individuals completely self focused crumbles. Nor can…
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Gestalt Prayer article heading image

Gestalt Prayer

The Gestalt Prayer was written by Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt Therapy, in the late…
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Feeling Lonely. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Feeling Lonely

We can be alone in a crowd, or lonely in a relationship. Being alone is…
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Feeling Felt

Accepting Differences

A person’s uniqueness gives a significant other the opportunity to express appreciation and build trust…
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Healing Compassion. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Healing Compassion

We treat trauma with healing compassion. Harshness furthers the injury, preventing recovery, and deepening the…
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Zero-Defects Mentality. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Zero-Defects Mentality

Zero-Defects Mentality exists in command-and control environments that do not tolerate mistakes. Zero-defects mentality destroys…
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Love is a Verb

Happily Ever After

Relationships provide meaning, depth and beauty to our lives. However, living happily ever after includes…
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