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Creating Intimacy

We grow, moving through development stages, eventually breaking free of the tethers tying us to our parents. We seek our own adult connections. As mature adults, we can discover a new intimacy—connections of openness. We can be known (and accepted) in concert with knowing and accepting our partner. Not a one-sided nurturing-nurtured relationship but two …

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Love is a Verb

Love is a Verb

Loving is easy when we feel loving. We feel warmth and closeness and act accordingly. Most healthy and a large portion of the unhealthy act this way. When we feel love in our hearts, we pass it along. There is no glory in this. We are just the puppet of a feeling. But what would …

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Engulfment In Relationships

“Let me be,” I cry as he encroaches. “Stay with me,” I beg as my she closes the door. So many suffer from relationships anxiety. Some from intense fear of abandonment; others from fear of engulfment in relationships. We humans are strange. Hounded by conflicting inner-drives, no wonder relationships struggle; the anxiety of engulfment takes …

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Still Face Experiment

When young infants gaze at the face of an emotionally unresponsive mother, they typically react by sobbing and turning away. The lack of attunement alarms their system, disrupting security, and leads to a behavioral reaction. A child suffers mental anguish when bids for attention are ignored or misinterpreted. A series of studies known as the …

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Any kind of victimization may invite continued anxiety and stress. Trauma shatters core assumptions about the world. A world that once shined brightly with hope may take on a frightening shadow of danger. Research findings into polyvictimization does not dismiss or devalue the hurt caused by single incident trauma, or repeated episodes of the same kind of …

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