Love is a Verb

Happily Ever After

We shed a few sentimental tears watching the happy ending culminating from a life of struggle. Certainly, we are romantic by nature. We cheer for the underdog. We embrace love. Romance gives richness to life. But reality often doesn’t meet Hollywood’s standards—much too ordinary. Early romances don’t fluidly flow into maturing relationship. The greatness of …

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Healing Compassion. Psychology Fanatic article header image

Healing Compassion

Beneath our protective exteriors, we carry wounds. Lost love, broken loyalties, emotional attacks and reoccurring neglect leave marks on the soul. We largely function unaware of these wounds from the past; but they forcefully impact the present. Perhaps, we will never fully understand the imprint of the past in our lives. Needless searches may uncover …

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Emotional Black Hole article header image

Emotional Black Hole

We feel, we interpret, and then get sucked into an emotional black hole of stupidity, refusing logic, and rejecting correction—because it’s not our fault.

Relationship Anxiety Article image header

Relationship Anxiety

Romantic rejection hurts—badly. The sharp pain lingers, preventing sleep, interrupting sustained thought…