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There’s no perfect map, no exact recipe, and no all-encompassing plan for living a rich and rewarding life. With thousands of years of experience, we humans still act with a jumbled collection of positive and negative behaviors, creating both good and evil. However, we can’t achieve success through blind stabs in the dark; but success also not a product of a pre-determined and structured check lists.. We must balance wisdom of the past with conscientious examination of the present. Several proven techniques for living, when implemented, offer a tremendous advantage for living in a complex world. With life balance, implementing basic behaviors, we can flourish, finding plenty of happiness and joy.

“Balance, peace, and joy are the fruit of a successful life. It starts with recognizing your talents and finding ways to serve others by using them.”

~Thomas Kinkade

​​The computer age changed the flow of information. We live surrounded by meta-information. Anyone with a few extra minutes, a little self-discipline and a computer can pound out a program for success, proclaim their unique plan invaluable, full of treasured information, and begin distribution. Often the advice is misguided, limited in scope, and focused on gaining notoriety or money for the author.

​Vetting out helpful information from the heaps of trash is the challenge of our era. We must sift through the stifling piles and extract wisdom that best fits our unique needs.

​Richness of Experiences Come From Life Balance

A deep and rich life has pleasures, sorrows, and meaning. Overloading any particular experience, throws life out of balance and narrows opportunities. We must find peace in simplicity; but also seek calmness while enmeshed in complexity. Compassionate acceptance of a complex present softens the jagged edges of anxiety that complex unknown futures can create; but our accepting approach creates life balance and a temperate environment for growth.

​Life is challenging. Sometimes seemingly unfair experiences—children that hurt, the pain of disloyalty, and stagnating careers—challenge our resolve. But we must courageously and successfully move through the complex influx of both positive and negative experiences, balancing acceptance with stubborn ambition to achieve something better.

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” 

~Thomas Merton

Life Requires Flexibility

Life continually challenges us to sway one way or another. Mindfully, we must maintain balance. We need pleasure to accept the unpleasurable; but pleasures should respect futures. However, we balance pleasurable moments with purpose. We acknowledge shortcomings without handicapping new explorations with guilt. And we should balance career development while protecting precious time for children and partners.

All aspects require Life balance. Skillfully balancing time, finances and energy effectively blesses today while still enhancing the future. Mindful attention to others prevents too much focus on self.

We must continually adjust and tamper with balance, as the winds shift, new elements enter, and priorities change, we must dynamically react. For us to achieve balance, we must practice purposeful awareness. Oversimplifying, focusing on limited areas, invites chaos in the neglected sections. The fields un-mowed and untrimmed spill over into the carefully maintained gardens. The pesky weeds blow their seeds into the flower beds invading and choking our lives with unnecessary disruptions.

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