Intimate Relationships

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Emotional Hijacking

Emotional hijacking is a psychological term referring to when emotions hijack all others cognitive processes and we react irrationally.

A couple in need of a repair attempt. A man and a woman in a domestic argument.

Repair Attempts

Repair Attempts are the breaks we insert into disagreements to repair the relationship and reaffirm the importance of the bond.

Upset woman suffer from mental disorder, depression or anxiety, experiencing emotional flooding.

Emotional Flooding

Emotional flooding is a psychological concept describing a state of overwhelming emotions that interfere with thinking.

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Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse, like physical abuse, destroys key components of wellness. We can escape the psychological warfare and find happiness.

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Codependency Definition

Codependency is a concept referring to imbalanced relationships where one person enables another person’s addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility, or under-achievement and/or undermines the other person’s development. Codependency is a relationship entanglement, greatly complicating interactions. We should differentiate between depending on another person — which is a positive and desirable trait, necessary for trust …

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