Constructively Replenishing

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Life grinds us down, dulling our sharpness. Routine and boredom invade our tidy spaces, frighten our sensibilities, and warn of impending doom. If unprepared, these shifts of psychic strength can spook us into addictions and unhealthy escapes. We must constructively replenish our minds and refuel our spirits.

To become more resilient, we need to actively engage in the present. We can create a future full of good things and chances instead of just hoping for it. However, we may not be aware of the specific obstacles that lie ahead in our movements towards goals, but we can be certain that there will be challenges in the future.

We need to get ready for these unknown challenges by being active. Accordingly, we can expand our knowledge and skills by actively participating in learning instead of waiting to see what happens first. We can prepare by reading books on new topics, taking college courses to broaden our knowledge, exploring new and interesting places, engaging in social activities to meet new people, trying out new hobbies, doing a bit more exercise, or eating a bit healthier. The possibilities for constructive replenishing work are limitless. One activity may not give you the exact result you were looking for, and that’s fine. Just try something else.

Developing Different Aspects of Our Lives

We achieve wellness and soundness of character through development on many plains:

  • our health,
  • our knowledge,
  • our competencies,
  • our relationships,
  • our spirituality,
  • and our financial security.

Each sector of human wellness becomes a pillar that we can (and should) constructively work on, utilizing the precious time when the necessary demands don’t suck all he precious energy from our being. Instead of vegetating in mind destroying activities, we can constructively replenish, developing our bodies and brains.

We should enjoy our practices of constructive rejuvenation, not forceful engagements but enjoyable growth-promoting endeavors that add richness. A constructive life wards off the intrusion of unplanned amusements that do little but distract.

Engagement Gives Life Meaning

Through active engagement, we find new goals that give life meaning. Through active engagement, we learn as we are exposed to a much wider universe, and through our exposures, we grow. The routineness of life dissipates as we explore the mysterious overlooked opportunities for development.​ Until we explore, we will not know. Unexpected, we may stumble on new purpose, discovering a new calling, awakened to passions previously unrecognized. The dullness once overwhelming gives way to something better—an aliveness full of vigor and strength.

These exciting blessings do not materialize from nothing. They don’t jump to life from mind numbing television watching, or robotic clicks of the mouse. We must constructively reach beyond routine to escape the habits of thoughtless distractions, and purposely invite newness and opportunity into your soon to be expanding lives.

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